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Lockdown Amid Coronavirus And It’s effect on life.

Written By: Jagriti Priyadarshani.

Coronavirus(COVID-19) is an infectious communicable disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

People with this disease got infected initially at Wuhan in China. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus have symptoms like moderate respiratory illness, cough, sore throat, etc. They can recover without requiring special treatment if their immunity is strong.

Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness and mostly their life is at risk. Due to the contiguous disease the government has declared lockdown for precaution and less spread of disease among people and for nations people health safeties. Many different parts of The World are isolated amid the disease. As of the current status the lockdown is being followed all over our country. Schools, colleges, industries, and companies are shut down for the duration till 31st May 2020 and it is supposed to extend. People are only allowed to move out of their homes just for essential goods and in case of emergency. Many companies have started work from home and almost every educational institute started teaching online and taking online classes and giving work to students.

This lockdown had forced people to be locked in their houses for a certain time. It has also made us realize many important things as our family, our responsibilities and our miscalculation for our actions which we have caused. As we in our past had damaged this surrounding and now nature is reviving itself. But in this negativity, many people have discovered various hobbies like painting, cooking, gardening, and singing, and many more interesting activities. The lockdown had surely brought togetherness.

The after-effects of this lockdown on quality life will be adverse. Unfortunately, many people died due to the virus majorly in Italy, the USA, Spain. The virus reached stage 3 in many countries and lacs of people have been infected by this coronavirus all over the World. The lives of poor people have become more difficult. The source of income for daily workers has totally vanished. In this harsh situation some people can’t even afford day to day food, shelter. The economy of many countries has already fallen from a large number.

Governments are trying their level best to cope up with this huge loss. Now China who suffered from this disease has recovered and there is no lockdown in the country. In this the difficult phase we must be united and fight it with all our power by taking all the necessary precautions, by creating awareness among each other and by staying at home safely until we win over this.

This time is quite hard for all of us but with our courage we can altogether tackle this.


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