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Kanye West takes a pi** at the Grammys, literally!

The phrase ‘taking a piss’ was used figuratively, at least up until Wednesday night, when American singer-songwriter and music producer, Kanye West, took it literally and presumably took a pi** at one his Grammys (out of the 21 that he has won in total) in the toilet, and posted a video of it on Twitter.


The shocking video came after Yeezus went on a Twitter rant, accusing record labels of “trapping” musicians with their record deals and making “money off our work without even trying”.


In his rant, West wrote accusing labels, particularly Universal Music, of owning the rights to the masters ( the primary source from where all the copies of a song are produced) of his songs. He also went to share his contracts, signed with the labels, asking it to be read by “every lawyer in the world”, and promised that he will produce no new music, until his demands are met.


He also reached out to several musicians, including U2’s frontman Bono, former Beatles member Paul McCartney, Drake and “even Taylor (Swift)” to support him.


Netizens, as always, are still trying to come to grips with Yeezus’latest meltdown on social media.


And, while some thought that the video, as pointed out by Grammy winner Dianne Warren, was “vile and disrespectful” , some called it a historic moment.


Earlier this year, in July, in another Twitter rant, West had said that he was “trying to divorce” his wife, Kim Kardashian West. Kim, later posted a long message on Instagram, saying that Kanye was bipolar, which was also revealed by Kanye himself in 2018, requesting everybody to be kind and empathetic towards her “brilliant but complicated” husband.

The same month, a few days before he accused Kim of cheating on him and him doing the same, he also had announced that he would be running for the Presidency, in the upcoming presidential elections in the US, which are scheduled to take place in November.

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